As I mentioned before, I’m not obsessive when it comes to weight but having made one goal (that of fitting back in to my wedding dress on my 10th wedding anniversary this year), I’m keen to go for another – getting out of the orange “overweight” range in my BMI  and back into the “black” normal range before my 40th birthday next year.
I’ve been using this nice tool provided by the British NHS to track this along with My Fitness Pal to track calories etc.

Since losing weight is a particularly depressing goal to aspire to, I thought I’d make it interesting by giving myself a reward for each particular kilo lost along the way. Normally I would choose food and drink, but since the point is What do you think:

Current weight: 71.2 kg

Current BMI: 26.2

Goal 1 (70kg) – a day trip in my sea kayak somewhere new

Goal 2 (69kg) – a day climbing on real rock in Sweden

Goal 3 (68kg) – a day on my bike touring round the hidden giants of Copenhagen

Goal 4 (67kg) – sleeping out overnight at one of the many wild camping spots in Denmark

Goal 5 (66kg) – a day canoe trip down one of the Danish rivers

Goal 6 (65kg, the weight I have been most of my adult life) –  a weekend camping and hiking in the hills of south Sweden

Goal 7 (63kg) – my stretch target! – entry to the polar circle marathon in 2018 Greenland

If I can make these goals at a reasonable pace, then goal 7 may become a reality, it would be a great way to celebrate my 40th year on the planet.

The thing is, I’ve really taken it as far as I can with diet only. Yes, I could drink a little less wine (and cocktails), and perhaps cut out all bread and carbs – but my daily calorie intake is regularly around kcal 1450 and I generally think we live only short lives, we have to enjoy them too!

This means I need to get back on the exercise wagon and start running, swimming and every other kind of exercise regularly. I’m still biking 16km a day to and from work, but it’s just too efficient to burn more than a few calories. I also need to work on sleeping more and remaining calm with regard to work. Headspace is helping me a lot with this one. Anyway, it’s summer, the weather is good, the evenings are long and it’s time to start taking advantage of that and get on the road.


In case you want to track your own weight, the NHS choices BMI calculator should appear below: