Hello and Welcome,

Have a seat, a fine cup of coffee or, if you insist, a beer.

I don’t know how you found us or why you’re here but this is a blog about running, about physical exercise and fitting it all in to a busy life.

A few months ago, one of us,” H” (*waves*), ran the Copenhagen marathon with a minimal amount of training, facilitated by the other, “V” (*waves*).

Lots of people we spoke to were surprised this was even possible and in fact just about everyone strongly advised against it. However, H ran it, survived and even found that it was, in the rather trite language of the online “wellbeing” community, a genuinely transformational experience.

The most important lesson we’ve learnt in this journey is that it’s all about getting started, not trying to live up to the impossible instagram ideals of taut bodies and green smoothies, but having a laugh with friends, creating space for yourself in your own life and gettign out and moving that body.

So we decided to write about it, with H providing the motivational story and Victoria providing the sensible health and fitness advice. Hopefully it will be fun to read and maybe it’ll even inspire you to get out and moving.

We’re in the process of compiling a book along these lines but you can follow along with our writing journey on this blog and of course we’ll try to put some interesting and useful stuff here along the way.