How (not) to run a marathon in 5 weeks

For almost everyone, the idea that you could go from not running at all to running a marathon (and surviving) in less than 6 weeks, seems bound to lead to serious injury. They have a point.



Back to black

As I mentioned before, I'm not obsessive when it comes to weight but having made one goal (that of fitting back in to my wedding dress on my 10th wedding anniversary this year), I'm keen to go for another -... Continue Reading →


I have had one of my periodic slumps in exercise again, the usual combination of work stress, stuff that needs to get done at home and no time to do all the things I want to do. On the other... Continue Reading →

My second (mini) Triathlon

So I more than survived the KMD 4:18:4, I smashed it, completing the 3 stages in a total of 1:28:42. When humans enter very cold water they almost always give an involuntary gasp followed by a prolonged period of rapid... Continue Reading →

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