It’s not going as well as I hoped this week , at least in training terms. I’ve done one swim, in which I just about managed 400 m in 9 minutes. This is fairly respectable given I haven’t swum in at least 6 months, but I could feel my arms burning as I set off too fast and combined with my breathing going a bit out of sync, I think I’ll need to slow down on race day itself…

I can’t help wondering how it’s going to be in the cold water around Amager either. I noticed the sea temperature was only about 18 C though maybe the lagoon off Amagerstrand will be a bit warmer. I’m contemplating a wetsuit though rather than just my swimming costume which I wore last time.

Many thanks to Frederiksberg Kommune who have multiplied, by about a million times, my chances of going for a regular swim in the mornings too. I discovered this week a new, and very nice, coffee shop inside the swimming pool building.

I’m yet t2016-08-15 09.02.14o go out on my road bike for even a little training ride but given I ride to work every day (8km each way), I’m not too worried about the cycling. I have done very little running since the marathon in May and haven’t managed to get out this week either! My preparations have been further complicated by a particularly busy week at work and with the kids at school and the arrival of my period.

Not ideal. But not impossible either. As the swimmer Fu Yuanhui broke the taboo surrounding this at the Olympics this week, I feel I should also be honest. It’s an inconvenience, but it’s not going to stop me! It has however slightly limited my training possibilities on the first couple of (very heavy) days.

Anyway, I will be seeing Victoria later for a training session, so maybe I can finish that off with a quick 5km (2 times round Søndermarken running trail) later.

As for writing, well, I have done a bit more, but it’s going slowly right now with other work commitments. I’m trying to write for an hour at the end of each day, but confess to spending more time in the garden enjoying what may be the last of the summer weather in the evenings, rather than at my desk writing.

Still, it’s important to enjoy our surroundings and live in the moment wh

2016-08-16 07.47.03
I posted this on our Instagram account yesterday. Looking at our pelargoniums in the morning also makes me happy

en we can. I deliberately sat outside and ate a slow breakfast yesterday, instead of rushing off to swim or work. As I sat in the sun, sharing my fruit and nuts with my youngest child, I felt very happy. Living in the moment and being aware of the simple pleasures of life is so important.

It may not be the best training philosophy, but it’s definitely the best way of living.