How (not) to run a marathon in 5 weeks

For almost everyone, the idea that you could go from not running at all to running a marathon (and surviving) in less than 6 weeks, seems bound to lead to serious injury. They have a point.



Natural Cycles

I've been back on the health and fitness wagon since Christmas, watching my diet, drinking much more moderately and exercising regularly. Such a difference these things make. I'm not obsessive about weight or diet per se - I'd much rather... Continue Reading →

What running can tell you about the Nordic Model…

So in spite of the fact I said "never again" to running races, there is in fact one exception - the Copenhagen institution that is the DHL Stafet - a relay race of 5x5km that companies and institutions across Denmark... Continue Reading →

KMD 4:18:4 Preparations

It's not going as well as I hoped this week , at least in training terms. I've done one swim, in which I just about managed 400 m in 9 minutes. This is fairly respectable given I haven't swum in at least... Continue Reading →


Hello and Welcome, Have a seat, a fine cup of coffee or, if you insist, a beer. I don't know how you found us or why you're here but this is a blog about running, about physical exercise and fitting... Continue Reading →

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